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Interior Painting

Cardinals Professional Painters is one of the top Interior and Exterior Home Painting company in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona. If you’re getting bored with your interior surroundings and feel like your home is lacking inspiration, one of the most inexpensive design techniques for transforming the interior of your home is updating a home’s wall color. Our respectful and professional painting team is here to help transform your home with a complete interior painting job from floor to ceiling to provide you with a fresh new look and newfound love of your dream home.

We strive to always be on time and keep our appointments and time schedules. We will always call or text to let you know when we plan to be there. We provide eco-friendly services as the environment is very important to us all. New paints tend to give off odors as they go on the walls and dry. To eliminate these issues, we always work towards using products that are very low or no VFC to ensure that we are doing our part for your family comfort and safety.

Unsure of which paint colors you would like to introffice oduce into your home or space? We will come over for a color consultation.

Exterior Painting

At Cardinals Professional Painters, we understand that painting the exterior of your home should be left to a reliable professional painting company who specializes in exterior painting. Our professional painters know that preparation and clean-up is the key to a long-lasting exterior paint job and our experienced painters take many steps to ensure a clean surface before applying any paint products. Our professional painters specialize in making sure your home exterior looks brand new by using high quality Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams products.

Exterior Painting Process

  • We will power wash the exterior of the home to remove all dirt, mildew and peeling paint.
  • We scrape and sand any necessary areas. We will prime all bare wood.
  • We protect all windows, furniture, brick and landscaping with plastic and drop cloths.
  • We apply paints or stains by spraying or by brush.
  • We will do a final walk through with the homeowner once the job is complete to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • We will clean up all involved areas and haul away.


Exterior Painting Services Include:

  • Brick Painting
  • Wood Painting
  • Stucco Painting
  • Siding Painting
  • Front Door
  • Deck and Fence Staining

Garage Painting

Garage Interiors

The home garage is usually seen as a practical space that might not need much attention to the decor but that can be further from the truth. It’s a space that’s extra unique because it’s not only part of your home’s interior but it’s also visible from the outside. Your garage can always look just as clean and put together as your home! You may be looking for a color update on the walls or a fresh clean look on the floors, or you might just want to give the outside of your garage an update for curb appeal, the possibilities truly are endless! Of course, having a freshly painted garage door and exterior can also increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Garage Floors

Garage floors are typically just plain concrete, but over the years they can start to look dirty and beat up, especially if you always park your car inside. If your floor is looking a little rough, especially from oil stains, you might want to consider painting it. 

A new fresh coat of paint can instantly make your garage look clean, tidy and new. They’re also water-resistant, generally easier to clean, and quite durable for day-to-day use as they also provide protection from mold, mildew, and auto fluids.


Garage Door Painting

Most people tend to think the garage as just a space for your autos and storage so many garage doors tend to be pretty plain. But your garage door should match the same style as your homes as it has the potential to be a truly eye-catching part of your home’s exterior. Experimenting with a little color on your garage door can instantly give your home a fresh new look. 

Hiring a professional painter for your garage can take the hassle away from you as many garage doors have extra details around the windows as opposed to just flat surfaces and requires very careful detailed work and expertise to achieve that perfectly smooth and even finish. Cardinals Professional Painters can do the job for you as we’re experts in painting all types of surfaces, including garage interiors, floors and doors. We can help you choose the right color and the type of paint. We will create a customized plan to get your garage painted and ready for use in no time.